For medium-advanced level skiers to improve their technique, meet new trends and new materials.

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Camps in Baqueira

Aimed at skiers with a medium advanced level (freely descend red tracks) with the intention of improving their level of skiing. Skiers with concerns that seek the latest technical trends, know the latest advances in the material and improve in a differentiated way. We propose a dynamic teaching system, supported with video recordings and theoretical sessions.

Course objetives:
Improve your technique as well as your personal ski level. Know and evolve with the latest technical and didactic advances. Analyze the application of the technique by studying the video recordings. Create an open, respectful and above all fun work dynamic.

Track correction work. Movements, attitudes. Video recordings Work of different turns. Theoretical sessions: physical preparation, material, correction of the technique by viewing the video, technical analysis.

5 days, 20 practice hours on the track in the morning and 4 hours in the classroom in the afternoon.

Schedule: 9.30h. arrival of TC to BaqueiraGroups: Between 4 and 6 students.

Camps Rates

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* This service is not carried out in Puente de la Constitución and Christmas

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