Minicourses for boys and girls

Enjoy learning in small,inexpensive groups and without giving up on personalized education.

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Ski Minicourse in Baqueira

The ski minicourses are the ideal service if you want quality with a lower investment.

Enjoy group learning without sacrificing personalized teaching.

Our minicourses are always in small groups.

Dynamic and fun proposals that encourage student participation. The improvement or learning of skiing should be an acceptable challenge for all ages.

Rates Minicourses

Mini courses schedule: from 10h. to 13h. in Baqueira
AgeStudents per groupPrice student / day
Between 4 and 5 Maximum 465 €
Between 6 and 12
Maximum 855 €

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    All the courses in Baqueira will be done in the “flexi” modality (2 days minimum contracting in the programmed dates of the course).

    What's your level?

    Before forming a group for the classes of skiing or snowboarding, it is interesting that the level of the members is as similar as possible. Below we show you some tables so you can know what is yours in relation to the last time you went skiing.
    LevelConceptGeneral termsIf you have already skied at Baqueira
    BWedge turns on green and blue tracksYou will be at this level if you are able to make wedge turns on green tracks Tapes or Cabana (B high)
    CInitiation to the parallel in blue and red tracksYou will be at this level if you start to turn parallel to blue tracks and combine wedge with parallel in redPla de Baqueira, return home and some red
    DParallel on all types of tracks and terrainYou will be at this level if you go down at all times in parallel to red tracks with ease and with changes of rhythmReds and blacks of less difficulty
    EParallel drivenYou will be at this level if you go down with parallel driven on all kinds of tracks, up to black tracksBlacks with difficulty and out of soft tracks
    FParallel driven on track and off trackYou will be at this level if you go down black tracks and off tracks. All types of turns (short, medium and long radius)Black and off track with difficulty

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